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America will be vastly better off with quiet competence instead of noisy chaos

President elect Joe Biden at the Inauguration Parade in 2013.

Editors Note: Upstate Students were asked about their opinions on the election. These stories were written before Election Day, November 3rd.

Here are my reasons why I endorse Joe Biden for President.

Joe Biden is no radical and no tool of radicals. He rejects leftist ideas such as defunding the police, the Green New Deal and Medicare-for-all. It's true that he is now promoting a more liberal agenda than past Democratic nominees, including phasing out carbon emissions by 2050, expanding Medicare and trillions of dollars in economic stimulus.

Biden's views reflect the new center in my opinion. Biden believes in compromise and bipartisanship. Evan Osnos, a writer with the New Yorker notes, Biden is the only person who spoke at the funerals of three very different senators John McCain, Strom Thurmond and Frank Lautenberg.

Of course, Biden is not as cool or inspirational as former President Barack Obama but Biden can accomplish a lot of things during his term. Biden has a deep background in foreign policy and understands the importance of cultivating relationships with foreign leaders.

Biden can admit he's wrong and change course, that means a lot to me. Being able to admit you’re wrong shows that you care. Biden said of his failed 1988 race for president, "I made a mistake, and it was born out of my arrogance. I did not deserve to be president."

This speaks of high character because Biden owned up and learned from his mistakes from the past. Honestly, when was the last time you heard Trump admit a mistake?

Biden listens to experts including physicians and scientists. He surrounds himself with experienced and competent aides of centrist sensibilities. Biden will pay attention to his intelligence briefings.

Finally, Biden is a bit boring and does not spend a lot of time on social media, which can be a good thing. With Biden in the White House, we will not have to wake up every morning wondering what damn-fool thing the president just tweeted.

Cable ratings might suffer with that but who cares? America will be vastly better off with quiet competence instead of noisy chaos.

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