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Chancellor’s Ambassadors in their own words: Participants share their experiences with the program

By Grace Taylor

Recently, USC Upstate administrators met with over 60 candidates for the Chancellor's Ambassadors program. They selected over 20 student leaders who are determined to make a difference in all students lives.

Chancellor's Ambassadors are part of a leadership program that represents and promotes USC Upstate. To become a Chancellor's Ambassador, a student must exhibit leadership, initiative, dependability, discipline, and enthusiasm, possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, pay great attention to detail and have strong customer service skills, and be professional, articulate, and comfortable speaking in front of groups.

Psychology major E'moni Rich, who participates in the program, sees it as an opportunity to give back to the university.

“To me, this means we have the ability to now service this university, as it has and will service us,” Rich said.

I myself am a fellow newcomer of the Chancellor's Ambassadors. I wrote this article because I wanted to share some of my fellow Chancellor's Ambassadors' thoughts about why they wanted to join and what it meant to them when they were selected.

The Chancellor's Ambassadors pose for a photo. [Photo by: Terry Manning, USC Upstate Marketing and Communications]

New and returning Chancellor's Ambassadors on the program

“For a student, to be a Chancellor's Ambassador allows them to really see what goes on in the background throughout the numerous events that happened at Upstate. You also get to experience and truly get to understand the Chancellor's vision for making Upstate the best place for all. It is truly one of the most enriching experiences, as you get to see and experience the Chancellor and his team’s leadership and perseverance behind Upstate.” -- Simran Patel, a senior and computer science major

“I wanted to become a Chancellor's Ambassador because I wanted to represent the community and students of Upstate in a positive and professional manner. I hope to gain lifelong connections and friendships with the people I meet and be able to accurately reflect the values and mission statement Upstate presents to its students and leaders.” -- Salleah Brown-Maysey, senior and communication major

“Initially, I became a Chancellor's Ambassador to work on my public speaking skills, network, receive a nifty jacket, and work with the school to promote Upstate as a wonderful place to learn. Having the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful program for the third year, I hope to encourage other people to join and volunteer their time in the community and at their college. I hope to continue to gain more experiences in leadership and to publicly speak more while working on my skills.” -- Victoria Sands, a senior and interdisciplinary studies major

Why I joined

These young ladies helped me reach the point of becoming a Chancellor's Ambassador. I wanted to share their stories because I think it’s important to know that getting involved in school organizations is important. They truly help shape you for more leadership opportunities.

This is an amazing organization to be a part of. I hope more students will apply and the Chancellor's Ambassadors will continue to grow and inspire.

Applications for the Chancellor's Ambassadors are currently closed, but more information about the program can be found on its USC Upstate webpage.

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