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Disney's New Mulan Trailer Stuns!

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Disney has been on a roll lately remaking classic movies into Live Action Films. First with The Jungle Book in 1994. With the more recent remakes, including Cinderella, Beauty & The Beast, Dumbo, and Aladdin, Disney has made it their mission to bring classic tales of animation to a whole new generation.

A Live Action version of The Lion King starring Donald Glover and Beyoncé is set to be released on July 19, 2019. And let's not forget the announcement that Disney has casted Halle Bailey as Ariel in the Live action remake of The Little Mermaid.

Disney released the trailer for the 2020 Live Action version of Mulan July 7, 2019 in the midst of the World Cup Final, which the USA won. This was, no doubt, a strategic move on the part of Disney executives. After all, Mulan is about a female who defies the odds, her father, and the government to fight and defeats the Hun. Mulan is a strong role model for females, young and old, and for those who are searching for their place in the world, and strength.

Unlike the 1998 animated film, there are no songs in the trailer, and no Mushu, the sassy dragon ancestor of Mulan who acts as her guide. The new trailer features a badass Yifei Liu as the fierce Mulan. The cast is made up of Asian Americans and those of Asian heritage. You can view the complete trailer below! And tell us what you think of the trailer in the comments.

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