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Everyone Should be Concerned about Business Fashion

I’m sure most people who are reading this feel as though this section will not apply to them, but I am here to tell you otherwise. Regardless of what career field you enter, any place of work you end up residing in is essentially a place of business, so that automatically prioritizes this piece as one of importance for everyone. Another common assumption that people make, specifically regarding fashion, is that it only applies to people in fashion. This is not the case. Fashion can be defined by styles of dress and ornament. And I would hope that people aren’t planning on leaving for their jobs (current or desired) with no clothes on, so pay attention because this is for you.

This notion has been instilled in us since the beginning of time: your physical appearance is the first impression you make on people. A second notion to support the first one is that you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression. With that being said, it’s important for anyone pursuing anything substantial in life to always be on their A-game. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what that looks like for them. That is why I am here to help guide you in the right direction.

In this spread I will be covering what should be included in your wardrobe depending on majors of study and classification. Then I’ll shift gears, and focus on a more business-oriented topic, such as job culture. I will be speaking to three business professionals who are in very different career fields about their experience and any advice they have for us. I’ll bring things right around full circle with an extended interview with one of the business professionals from the job culture section that will be very helpful to anyone pursuing a career in corporate America. So, get comfortable because this will be a piece for the books.

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