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‘Inside the Hodge’ coaches show to highlight athletics

Updated: Aug 24, 2019


When a new season of sports begins, it is important to start getting fans excited. This year, the USC Upstate athletics are creating a live basketball show to keep fans updated and informed on the progress of the season. Director of Video Services in athletics Byron Abt talked about the new athletic adventure.

Kenan: What are some of the things that will be covered during the coaches show?

Byron: The coaches show is just a behind the scenes look into our basketball program for the men’s and women’s team. We’ll be touching on topics of past games that they played, future games they’re going to play, any kind of story of high profile throughout the year in regards to the team, players etc.

Kenan: Where did the idea come from?

Bryon: When I first started working here (September 2017) this was always an idea in my mind, and I came from the University of Missouri and we did coaches shows there. So I took my ideas from that experience and transported it here. There isn’t much of an opportunity to see behind the scenes from athletics in any Division 1 college, so having this opportunity to interact and engage with the coaches and fans and players, for us to do that is always great.

Kenan: Will any other teams be involved?

Bryon: We’ll be doing a coaches show come baseball and softball season. There’s never been one for soccer or volleyball but in the fall season next year we will see.

Kenan: Tell us about our host for the show.

Byron: His name is Brian (Rushing) he’s the one who hosts the show every week. He used to work for Upstate about seven years ago as a public announcer and he now works at Belmont Abbey for their broadcasting department which is what he is trying to do with his career, work for broadcast. He’s always loved Upstate and when I realized how energetic he was to help Upstate I knew he was the guy. He ended up killing it, the first shot we did he blew it out of the water and there was no need for a retake. It was awesome.

Kenan: What is the production process like?

Bryon: I’m trying to show a live broadcast because one its more engaging that way. There is an opportunity to speak to the fans with live, but it’s difficult to do a live broadcast, technology doesn’t work sometimes. The benefits of posting the broadcast later is getting to edit if anything happens that you want to remove.

Kenan: Are players featured as well?

Bryon: We’ll be having a players segment interview each show which is where we sit down and take players from each team and ask them questions about being here at Upstate and their experience, and where they see themselves in the future.

Kenan: Where can you find the show and when does it air?

Bryon: It airs every Sunday night at 6 p.m. Eastern time on Facebook on USC Upstate’s athletics.

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