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Meet Reid Bedell: The happy golfer

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

By Noah Porter, Trevor Crone and Evan Johnson

Golf isn’t typically the most popular sport on campus.

Reid Bedell is a unique athlete. He did not play golf since his childhood. He did not take four lessons a week for 10 years. Reid was just determined to play a sport that he fell in love with and succeed at a high level. While he does not know if he will continue to play after college, he definitely wants to stay in the golf industry.

Noah: What PGA golfer would you say you compare most? Reid: “Oh, good question. I would say Bubba. Bubba Watson. I don’t necessarily like him but we play similar. We are both lefty and both have a unique swing. I wouldn’t say our swings are similar but we both have a different swing. We also have never had a lesson before we started playing.” Noah: As someone who is really into fitness, what is a golfers’ training routine like? Reid: “We work out three times a week. There’s minimal lifting so we just focus on the main muscle groups that are key (to golf), like legs and a lot of core. We do like band-work and dumbbell work.”

Noah: If I were to ask your teammates who you were on the team, what role you played, what would they say?

Reid: “Psychopath? (chuckles slightly). Maybe jokester, I like to get under people’s skin. I have a good sense of humor. Also, determined, motivated, I love to be out there. Really that I am just happy to be here.”

Noah: What is the best course in South Carolina?

Reid: “Ooh, um, I haven’t played all of them. I played in Hilton Head before, Harbour Town, I liked that one the most. In the Upstate, last year, I got the chance to play at Thornblade in Greenville. That one was nice too.”

Noah: How would you say that USC Upstate has facilitated your game, or how has your game improved, because of Upstate?

Reid: “Oh yeah. Upstate is great, I don’t know if you’ve seen the short-game facility, but that’s one thing that brought me here. The facility has really helped me improve my short game since coming here.”

Noah: Is there a weak point in your game you want to improve now?

Reid: “Inaccuracy when driving off the tee is my weak point. I tend to get up there and hit the ball and then go find it and play it.”

Trevor: How did you get recruited to USC Upstate?

Reid: I originally went to a small liberal arts school and decided that I wanted to transfer. I met my teammate now at USC Upstate at the North America cup and after that I got connected with the Coach at USC Upstate and then transferred here. Trevor: What biggest difference between high school golf and golf on a collegiate level?

Reid: I would say my teammates. My teammates now are more motivated golfers whereas in high school, it was more leisure and joking around.

Evan: At what point was it that you realized the sport of golf was something you wanted to pursue? Reid: My freshman year, after growing up playing baseball, I gave it a try. I played with friends and gained experience. Once I started getting the hang of it I entered a few tournaments. It was my sophomore year when I realized I wanted to go after golf at a collegiate level.

Evan: Do you follow a routine before playing?

Reid: I mostly follow a different routine before each time I play. I don’t typically stick to any rituals or habits, but I can mostly play after any type of scenario. I can go to bed at 4 a.m. and wake up for an 8 a.m. game and be fine.

Trevor: What advice would you give someone who is wanting to next step in golf?

Reid: Practice like crazy. Even though it is a team sport, It’s all about your motivation and how much you are willing to put in individually.

Trevor: I saw that you and your teammate, Sam Merrell, went to Scotland to play golf. How was that trip to Scotland?

Reid: It was a lot of fun. My Dad and I invited a couple of my teammates to go and play golf in Scotland. We played seven days straight and 36 holes a day. It was cool to show my teammates where golf originated.

Reid Bedell, a USC Upstate golfer, won last summer's Upstate Amateur in Greenville. (Gwenn Davis Photography)

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