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USC Upstate students share why they voted in the midterm elections

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


Voting is the one thing we as Americans have the right and choice to do. It is our free will to do so. As the next and upcoming generation, college students need to see the importance of voting. Voting is more than just choosing who should lead the people of America or the cities in America.

Tuesday's election was a very important election because it will shape the future of South Carolina, especially after Roe vs Wade was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Many USC Upstate students were passionate about their reasons for voting.

Amaya Brockington USC Upstate Vice President of Student Government Association (SGA) and NAACP PHOTO BY: Grace Taylor

"I am voting because my rights are in the hands of politicians. Voting is my chance to stand up for the issues I care about like abortion, education & healthcare access for South Carolinians," said USC Upstate Vice President of Student Government Association (SGA) and NAACP Amaya Brockington. "Voting is important because it gives us a voice. The beauty of Democracy is that it allows us, citizens, to vote for leaders that represent our ideas, align with our beliefs and support our interests."

Brockington said she believes the midterm election was one of the most vital elections South Carolina has had in years because the overturning of Roe vs Wade has left the decision of making abortion illegal in the hands of each state.

"I feel like I do have a voice as a young black female college student. I’ve been using my platform to encourage young people like me to vote. I typically post about candidates’ platforms, so they are more educated on who’s running," Brockington said. "The number one reason why young people don’t vote is the lack of education about candidates. By posting platforms I try to help give students an easier and better understanding so they can be better informed without having to research on their own."

Why go out and vote

Senior and Community Health major Anéla Durham votes for change.

“I feel like there are changes to be made and the younger generation will definitely make sure that gets done! The older we get, the more important these regulations are because it affects us directly,” Durham said.

“It is important to us (the younger generation) to have a say so in things that affect us in life,” Senior and Community Health major Jalynn Jones added.

Senior and Community Health major Anéla Durham and Senior and Community Healh major Jalynn Jones share why they vote. PHOTO BY: Grace Taylor

Brockington said her position as president of the NAACP has influenced how much she values voting.

"Social justice and equality are so important," Brockington said. "Can we imagine how hard Dr. King fought for someone like me, like us to be able to vote? Yet in 2022, we are speaking about the threats to our right to vote. I want to hear everyone who is here and not here to say they voted. We voted because we can and have the birthright to."

Brockington encouraged her fellow college students to value voting as well.

"I challenge you to not just vote but to understand the importance and the change that we can make now with our voices. We need to voice our opinions and what matters to us and for our future and the generation after," Brockington said.

Midterm Election Results in South Carolina

The Governor of SC Governor Henry McMaster

US Senate- Republican Tim Scott

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