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New Student Organization in the Works


A freshman at the University of South Carolina Upstate, Tabitha Sutherland, is making her mark on campus through faith and community networking. New to the campus, Sutherland is wanting to make a religious impact at Upstate and has created a new organization for any student to join.

Campus Ministry International (C.M.I.) will be making an appearance soon on campus that will be welcoming any student who is interested in Christianity or uncertain of their doctrinal beliefs. Sutherland is eager to get started and spread the word.

“The club will focus on teaching bible study and bring clarity. I want to get tables set up and talk to those who are interested to build a sense of community on campus,” Sutherland said.

As a Spartanburg native, Sutherland is a United Pentecostal Church International bible quizzer for Spartanburg, South Carolina’s experience team and is dialed in with the upstate community as she’s heavily involved in youth group and growing skills in the music industry. In fact, Sutherland visits Lake Emory Nursing Home once or twice a month and plays the piano for patients.

UPCI has been a big encouragement in Sutherland’s plan for CMI, but her personal journey has helped her find faith.

Sutherland’s family trials allowed her to dive into her spirituality at a young age and has been inspired to touch the lives of others through her faith and trust in God that has gotten her to where she is today.

“Growing up with unfortunate home life and family circumstances, led me to put my faith, hope, and trust in God. As I look back over my life, I think of all the wonderful mentors and friends that God placed in my life to be there for me and I want to be that for someone else,” Sutherland said.

With much passion about outreach and community connections, Sutherland plans to host weekly meetings at a designated area on campus that is easily accessible to students.

“I would like to have something weekly in a classroom setting possibly with food, fellowship, and bible study. A more definite place and time will be decided as the club continues to grow,” Sutherland said.

Although the organization is still in the works, Sutherland is open to hear questions, comments, and concerns.

“It’s still a work-in-progress. Any advice or support is always welcomed,” Sutherland said.

Sutherland encourages students to scan the QR code below to get additional information.

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