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New Year, New Editor

Hello, students and everyone! It is 2024 and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and our staff here at The Carolinian. My name is Jessica Davis Caldwell, and I am a nontraditional junior here at USC Upstate. This is my first year at Upstate and I am excited to be the new editor for the student run paper, The Carolinian. I am a history major and a writer. I have always been interested in journalism. One of the journalists I grew up admiring was Hunter S. Thompson. He had a style all his own and wasn’t afraid to take risks to get the story and the truth of it out there. I hope in that way, I can follow his lead and be the best editor for you and the school.

Not many people know that there is a paper run by students for students. We aim to change that. We will bring you information related to things around campus, about some of the programs, and what is happening in the world. To make that work, we need you, the students, to let us know what you would like to see in the paper. We also need those students that have an interest in writing or journalism to consider joining the paper. We are also hiring a photographer and a social media manager. It is something to think about, especially if you could use some extra cash in your pocket. We need another graphic designer to join the awesome team we already have.

Let me go ahead and introduce the graphics team for The Carolinian. There is Tilda Phenephom, a graphics design major from Gaffney, SC. Tilda joined the paper a few semesters back. She joined, “In order to gain experience working with a team and for my future design resume.” She brought onto the team this semester Katie Lawson. Katie is also a graphic design major from Asheville, NC. Katie says her main reason for joining was “to practice what its like working with a team on a common project.”  We also have two advisors, Samantha Swann, a former USC Upstate student and current employee of the Spartanburg Herald Journal, and Bridget Kirkland, a faculty member at Upstate in the Art Department. If anyone is interested in joining the staff or wants us to write about something that interests you, all you need to do is reach out to one of us and we will make it happen! Have a great semester here at Upstate!



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