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Playlist of the Week

Welcome to the Weekly playlist. Each Monday, we will post a playlist with a theme for the week. This week's theme is Almost there. We are only a few weeks away from finals and the holiday break. Hopefully this playlist helps you get through those last minute papers and the feeling of "Please let this be over already".

"Lights Up" - Harry Styles

Harry Styles has come into his own since One Direction has gone on hiatus. "Lights Up" is the first single off the 25 year old's sophomore album "Fine Line" due out next month. "Lights Up" is has a 70s glam/Bowie feel.

"Don't Start Now" - Dua Lipa

Nothing says done with the semester like a good beat. "Don't Start Now" by Dua Lipa has a beat that you can put on to dance the semester away.

"Raising Hell" - Kesha (ft. Big Freedia)

When you think about giving in, just remember that Kesha made a full comeback. So pump the volume up and raise a little hell yourself.

"Good as Hell" - Lizzo

Just the thought of Lizzo puts me in a good mood. And listening "Good as Hell" it is impossible not to feel empowered to get through the semester.

"Kill My Mind" - Louis Tomlinson

Yes, another One Direction boy, this time it's Louis Tomlinson coming in with a poppy-punk sound. Say what you want about One Direction and their pop songs, but it's almost impossible to listen to this and not want to jump around a little.

"Alexander Hamilton" - The Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton

From the genius brain of Lin Manuel-Miranda, Hamilton tells the story of Alexander Hamilton. The opening number is an inspiration. If you ever feel like you are running low, put it on and let it wash over you.

"Waving through the window" - Dear Evan Hansen

We have all felt lost and like the world has come crashing down on us. Sometimes we just want to be seen. "Dear Evan Hansen" is a beautiful show about all this.

"Louder Than Words" - Tick, Tick, Boom

"Tick, Tick, Boom" is the autobiographical musical written by Jonathan Larson, who also wrote "RENT". The final song, "Louder Than Words" talks about life. For a chance to see this live, check out the Upstate Theatre's production this weekend (Nov. 21-24)

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