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Spartan Pantry helps struggling students

Hidden in the back corner of the Student Life Office, the Spartan Pantry sits unassuming and often missed by students who pass through the office. The Spartan Pantry (formerly the SNAC Pantry) was designed to help students who may be facing financial hardship and not able to afford food. Dr. Deb Kladivko, Associate Director for Service-Learning & Volunteer Services, explained that the Pantry was set up in a way that students didn’t have to prove financial hardship.

“There are so many different circumstances that somebody could be in. It could be that they don’t qualify for financial aid but maybe their parent just lost a job, or they just lost a job. Suddenly the family is in a financial pinch or a medical situation came up or whatever that might not be reflected in any financial documentation,” Kladivko said.

Over the years, the pantry has evolved as student needs became more apparent. What started as a food pantry for students, now offers hygiene products such as body wash, hair spray, and shampoo, as well as feminine hygiene products, school supplies, and even frozen foods. Students are not required to identify themselves, but instead their class status and the date they visited the pantry.

The Spartan Pantry, like so many food banks in the area, rely on donations, both monetary and non-perishable food items, the latter which can be dropped off in the Student Life Office. Monetary donations can be delivered to Dr. Deb Kladivko in her office (CLC 202). For a complete list of items you can donate, please visit the CLC Student Life office.

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