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Spartan Pride on a Commercial Set

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Yesterday, I was able to participate as an extra in a TV / digital campaign video for USC Upstate. It was quite an experience! Working in theatre gives you a slight perspective as to how television works, but you never truly know until you are in the moment.

A lot of television magic went down as myself and about 60 other dedicated Spartans pretended to go back in time to a championship basketball game. We listened to the shoot’s director as he instructed us to lean in, on the edge of our seats. It wasn’t extremely difficult. After all, five members of USC Upstate’s basketball team were there, shooting some real hoops as opposed to acting like they were. The cheerleading squad also made an appearance!

There was a real sense of community among the team, despite our not actually watching a genuine basketball game. Pom-poms were given out, as well as giant foam fingers, and we waved them with enthusiasm. One professor cheered, “Spartans, Spartans!”

I spoke to a fellow student, rising junior, Lee Sullivan. I asked him what it meant to him to be apart of the video shoot, and he said, “It’s good to support and see who’s on the team. Now who I can look forward to seeing on who’s on the team next semester, and to be around other people who support the college.”

I couldn’t agree more! It was an exciting experience to be able to help the Spartan community spread the word about our college. I will continue to look for more ways to show my Spartan Pride!

Photos courtesy of Malcolm Vanhannegeyn

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