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Spring Bucket List

Updated: Aug 24, 2019


1. Fly a kite. What could be more fun than getting out and flying a kite? I mean after all, it’s even a song in a Disney film.

2. Go for a picnic. Make a day of it. Grab your favorite blanket, pack a lunch, and spend the day at a park with your picnic and kite.

3. Spring Clean. Go through your things and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Take clothes that you’ve outgrown and donate them to the career closet or a shelter.

4. Visit the botanical gardens. Nothing says Spring quite like flowers, so why not enjoy a day and visit one of South Carolina’s botanical gardens.

5. Visit the farmer’s market. You can find so much at a farmer’s market, from fresh food, produce, and flowers, to fun activities for everyone.

6. Get Nostalgic. While most of us are not young enough to remember drive in movie theaters, there are a few in the area that will let you experience it yourself. Check out the Big Mo in Monetta or 25 Drive In in Greenwood.

7. Take in America’s favorite past time. Be it a Spartan baseball or softball game or a trip to Greenville to watch the Drive, baseball is a great way to kick off Spring.

8. Have your own field day. Grab your friends and create your own field day events

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