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St. Paddy's Day Retrospect

St. Patrick’s Day in Downtown Spartanburg

by: Avery Beaton

For as long as I can remember, St. Patrick’s Day has been a huge event all over the US. The holiday originally started with Saint Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland and

supposedly drove out the snakes. Over time the holiday has been more of a reason for people to get together and drink. Downtown Spartanburg did not disappoint with the celebration of the holiday, so here is a review of three events put on by local businesses last weekend.


  1. Delaney’s Shenanigans on the Square

Delaney’s Irish Pub is a go-to restaurant for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Their Shenanigans on the Square features everything from local musicians, vendors, and plenty of food. While they feature traditional Irish dishes, there are other options. Naturally, St. Patrick’s Day would not be complete without plenty of Guinness, which Delaney’s has more than enough.

“Delaney's has been one of my favorite bars and restaurants since I moved to Spartanburg. But if there is one night of the year, that I make sure to go to Delaney's, when I am in town, is St. Paddy's Day. The last few years they've done Shenanigans on the Square and for those with families or that aren't 21 can enjoy the holiday. But if you are 21 then it's the place to be. Even if you don't have a drop of Irish in you, on that day you are family as everyone enjoys the Irish whiskey.”

Jessica Caldwell (Editor @ The Carolinian)


2. FR8yrd’s Yard Malarkey

This outdoor food and events venue typically showcases sports and musicians. However, once a year they have their Yard Malarkey event to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. With local musicians, themed eating contests, and even a soap whittling contest, this all-day event is a staple in Spartanburg. If you missed it this year you must try to check it out next year!


3. Craft Axe Throwing

Craft Axe is a must go in downtown. Here you can learn to axe throw and compete against your friends during your scheduled time. They also offer other blades for a small fee. Adorned with decorations for the holiday and plenty of drinks, Craft Axe did not disappoint this St. Patrick’s Day.

*All photos courtesy of the businesses websites

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