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Students End of Year Thoughts


As the school year comes to a close, many students are excited for summer break and their minds are filled with different thoughts or emotions. The year's end represents the conclusion of a challenging journey for many people, while it also ushers in a new phase of their scholastic and personal lives.

Students may experience feelings of anxiety, stress, and sadness as they get ready to say farewell to friends, professors, and the routines they have grown accustomed to. These emotions may coexist with feelings of excitement and anticipation as students look back on their successes and make plans for the future.

Leah Kearse, a sophomore at Upstate, says, “My overall thought this semester is good because it has taught me a lot of lessons, and I’ve made more friends and that has made this semester more bearable.”

This year has been challenging for a lot of students and, for some, there might be some things that they wish they could have done differently, whether that be taking their studies more seriously or making new friends on campus. Sydnee Greenlee, a sophomore, says, “One thing I wish I could have done differently was starting my work sooner throughout the semester to lead to less cramming. I also wish I could have participated in more student led organizations.”

Despite the hardships students may have faced this semester, there was probably a class or two that they were eager to attend. When asked what class they enjoyed the most, Kearse says, “The class I enjoy the most is microbiology because it’s very interesting learning about different microorganisms and how they affect us.”

Greenlee says, “I enjoyed rural health the most because it helped me learn about the current problems in the health of rural environments.”

Students can take comfort in knowing that the end of the year marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, full of possibilities and adventures. As they move forward, they will carry with them the memories, friendships, and knowledge gained during their time in college and use these as a foundation for their future success.

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