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Subtle campus changes made, more dining options available

There have been a lot of updates to the campus over the summer with more yet to come. The most noticeable is the new signs around campus. Following the announcement last year that Upstate would go through a rebranding, the old signage has been replaced showing that Upstate, while part of the University of South Carolina umbrella, is its own distinct entity.

Fans of basketball may notice that when they attend the first home game that the court has been updated.

The Carolinian learned last year Upstate would be getting new food options. According to Sodexo, the university’s contracted dining services, there have been enhancements made to the CLC Dining Hall.

Starting in the Fall, customization of fresh cuisines – vegan/vegetarian friendly like Curry Bowls, Street Tacos and pierogis will be available at the Made-to-Order International Station. Students with dietary restrictions, such as allergies, are encouraged to visit the MyZone station with food available during any meal period that is free from the top eight allergens. The pizza oven has been upgraded and will now be able to cook a pizza in two minutes, which is great for carry out orders, which can be placed at

PerkUP! will be offering breakfast sandwiches with Boar’s Head meats and on-the-go options. On Wednesday, Aug. 28, dining services is giving away a free tall hot coffee with all breakfast sandwich purchases at PerkUP!

The Spring will bring more options including WOW (World Of Wings). The Smith Food Court, which includes Sub Connection and Wholly Habaneros, will be closed Fall semester.

The library continues to be updated. PerkUP begins its second year with new seating and more updates on the second floor. New carpet was added over the summer. The Library will remain under renovations for a while.

UPDATED: Sodexo reached out to The Carolinian after our print date with some corrections to our article. Sodexo will not be hosting Late Nights in the cafeteria as reported.

SubConnection in the Smith Building will be opened for one month in the fall. Sodexo is looking to bring in Food Trucks to off set the closing of Smith Building Food Court. We have posed the question of if meal cards may be used at food trucks, but have not received word back yet.

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