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Summer Bucketlist

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

By Melissa Breazeale

Summer is a wonderful time to take in a little R&R. Some plan trips abroad while others stay stateside or even just work the summer to save up for the fall. Here are some budget-friendly summer to do’s.

1. Write or have someone write you an “Open When” letter. Open When letters are great for inspiration or just an encouraging word.

2. Travel to a place you’ve never been to before. A lot of the time, when we think about this, we think somewhere exotic like Italy or the Maldives, but you can find amazing places that you would never think of going locally as well.

3. Speaking of locally, spend a day as a tourist in your own town. We sometimes get caught up in life that we forget the beauty around us. Spend an entire day seeing the sites that make your town unique.

4. Swim under a waterfall. North Carolina has some beautiful waterfalls, and many are within a two-hour drive.

5. Create a scrapbook with all your favorite photos and memories. This will be a great thing to look back on when you get a little older.

6. Tie-dye anything. Tie dye is something that I’ve always associated with summer and the end of school. It’s a great way to let your creative side flourish.

7. Watch the sunrise. As college students, we sometimes pull all-nighters in order to finish a paper, project, or some other assignment that perhaps we put off to binge watch our favorite series on Netflix for the 100th time. Why not take a moment and fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea and sit down and enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

8. Read a book. I know that this has appeared on a few bucket list already, but books are an amazing thing. Find a reading challenge and challenge yourself to complete it. There are a few out there no matter what you like. My favorite is the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge.

9. Go to the zoo. Remember being a kid and being so excited for the school trip to the zoo? Why not recapture that by visiting Riverbank in Columbia.

10. Pay it forward. Do something nice for someone. It could be anything from buying someone lunch, a coffee, or helping someone carry something to their car. Kindness is something that is always needed.

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