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To The Student Who Just Doesn’t Know

In today’s society, we are seeing more and more college students unaware of what their next steps are. We get so wrapped in the idea of college and trying to get a degree to make a living in the world, but are we truly focusing on our passion? Our drive? Our happiness? The truth is sometimes life puts us in situations where we feel that we aren’t doing enough or we’re failing because we don’t have it all figured out. However, it’s completely okay to not know.

Attending a college or university can be an extraordinary experience to connect with others and build relationships, but it also can be very discouraging. At times our peers will be further ahead than ourselves and have many connections while we aren’t even sure if our major is the right choice for us. To be in this situation, a lot of pressure can be put on our shoulders to rush our paths so we don’t get left behind. When doing that, we can lose our focus and overall vision for ourselves just because we’re rushing the process. Don’t rush the process, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Success is not a race, but in fact a journey that has bumps and turns down the road.

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