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Pennywise swipes the nation with It:Chapter Two

Fans all across American dashed into movie theatres for the premiere of It: Chapter II. If your not familiar, it is the sequel to It: Chapter One that was released in September of 2017. Based off the Novel “It“ written by Stephen King in 1986, picking up thirty three years later with the same excitement as a new release was made.

With a net sale of $91 Million Dollars, there is no doubt IT fans were looking forward to viewing this film. Theatres were packed out every day of opening weekend, here in the Spartanburg area. If you remember the ending of the first movie, all of the children are standing in a circle as they have defeated it. The Losers club has not defeated it because he comes around every twenty seven years.

The sequel begins by showing this scene and concludes with the children cutting their hands with a large piece of glass. This was the connection between all ten members of the losers club. The movie fast forwards twenty seven years where all ten members of the Loser’s Club have grown up and moved off...Except for one person: Mike Hanlon. He is in town when two local gay high school students are togther at the fair. A group of punks decide to leave them alone and go off until they find them leaving. The punks beat the students up and then throw the one who suffers from asthma over the bridge. This begins IT’s return into Derry, Maine.

The movie is quite long, but is worth the money to see. This thriller is sure to astonish, amaze, and scare you for years to come. I personally thought that the movie was good but there were a few things that could have been done to make the movie better. There were tons of flashbacks in the movie from the children. Those should have been lessened so that the movie was not so long. The movie was two hours and fifty minutes long. This movie had several portions where it became boring and hard to watch.

The overall theme of the movie followed the same script as before. A tragedy occurred and the bodies were never found. Then the progression of the Loser’s Club returns back to Derry. During the reunion time, IT makes his presence known and reminds them of their other friend who has failed to show. This opens a huge flood of past memories with Pennywise.

Personally, I think the IT series is making a killing off of one story. It has concepts that are different in each version that is told. I enjoyed the movie but it is definitely not for someone who is scared easily. On a scale of five stars this would get four and a half. This thriller is sure to have you looking down your shower at night to make sure Pennywise is not going to kill you. Make sure to check out It: Chapter II in theatres today.

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