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SCarowinds is BACK this spooky season!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022


Upstate students got the chance to experience a night of SCarowinds. USC Upstate sold discounted tickets and gave students the chance to enjoy the full amenities of the park for only $20.50 on October 21, 2022, between the hours of 7 pm to 12 am. These tickets included the rides, activities, parking, and even transportation provided by Upstate. During SCarowinds, Carowinds is completely decked out in Halloween décor from Sept. 16- Oct. 30. All around the park, there are skeletons, fog, pumpkins, and many more decorations that perfectly fit the spooky Halloween theme.

SCarowinds seasonal park decor. Photo by: Amara Okeke Even the park employees dress up and spook the guests. That night, they were dressed up from head to toe, covered in blood, and some were even walking high on stilts. Many screams were heard as the guests kept getting frightened. The screams didn’t just come from guests’ fright, but also from the rides themselves. During the Halloween season, visitors get to enjoy the thrilling rollercoasters at night when the park is usually closed. Some rides that many of the students enjoyed were the Carolina Cyclone, Ricochet, Hurler Scrambler, and the famous Fury 325, America’s longest steel coaster. For some students, the highlight of their night was the rides that were almost as scary as the park décor itself. “I enjoyed breaking out of my shell and riding rides I was once too scared to ride,” Upstate student Aspen Gragg said. “It was a great night with friends and we were forced to become closer, especially when you are waiting in line or avoiding being scared,” Upstate student Rebbeca Picillo said. A night of SCarowinds was the perfect way for students to kick off this Halloween season with a night filled with terrifying fun.

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