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SPARTANBURG LIFE: My favorite places in downtown Spartanburg

By: Avery Beaton

This is Avery Beaton, city life reporter for The Carolinian. I have lived here in Spartanburg since I was four, so I’ve learned the ins and outs of the downtown area. While it was difficult to narrow down, I’ve written about my five favorite places to go to in downtown Spartanburg.

5). Spill the Beans

Being a Communications major, I am constantly searching for coffee shops to study in. If I had to recommend any coffee shop to crack down on assignments in, it would be Spill the Beans on Main Street. With freshly brewed coffee and ice cream served daily, there’s always something to get you through a study session.

4). Pokenori

I wanted to put at least one restaurant on this list, and Pokenori is easily one of my favorites. This Japanese style restaurant is famous for their customizable poke bowls and burritos. They also offer boba and various appetizers. I love going here to grab some lunch with friends before walking down main street.

3). Hub City Bookshop

As a book lover for many years, I’ve always taken joy in bookshops. In my opinion, Hub City Bookshop beats Barnes & Noble by a long shot. With everything from locally printed titles and New York Times Bestsellers, there is something for everyone. Even if there’s something that doesn’t catch your eye, they can order books and have it delivered in store. I would highly recommend joining one of their four book clubs and taking advantage of their membership program. The bookstore cat Zora is the most helpful employee, and my personal favorite part of the bookstore.

2). Spartanburg County Headquarters Library

While buying new books is a pleasure I indulge in from time to time, borrowing books is significantly cheaper. I put the Headquarters Library at my number two spot not just because of the books offered, but also for their public amenities. There are plenty of study spaces, computers, and printers that are free to use with your library card. There are dozens of public events offered every year, from film showings, D&D, and various others, there is something for everyone.

1). Chapman Cultural Center

I could not think of a place more deserving of my number one spot than the Chapman Cultural Center. This is a collection of smaller nonprofits, such as the Spartanburg Little and Youth Theaters, Ballet Spartanburg, and the Spartanburg Art Museum. All feature local artists and creators, and they have hundreds of public events every year. Personally, I have been a part of both theaters and taken many classes with Ballet Spartanburg. I would recommend any enjoyer of the arts to check out the art exhibits and see one of their many theater productions.

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