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Spring Break at USC Upstate

 By: Avery Beaton

With the month of February falling to a close, the first half of the spring semester has passed. Students have attended classes five days a week for two months straight. Compared to fall semesters, spring classes have few days off, causing spring break to be weeklong. With this week off approaching, I asked students around campus what they plan to do with their break.

The first question I asked students was what their plans were. Answers varied, from sleeping, spring cleaning, or working. One student is going to an Olivia Rodrigo concert, another is attending A Midsummer Night’s Dream rehearsals. Others plan on working, sleeping, and watching Netflix. Some plan on seeing their significant other or visiting family. Overall, students plan to relax and take a respite from classes.

               Of the Upstate residents I talked to, most were going back home. Many residents live in the state of South Carolina so home is not too far away. Students were excited to see their family or be away from their dorm. Some students elect to stay on campus over break, some to work, others because home is too far away.

               The final question I asked students was “what are you looking forward to the most?” Most responses aligned with their previously stated plans. One student, who was going to be spring cleaning, was looking forward to having a clean room while another was excited to talk to her mom and tell her everything that happened over the semester. One student wanted to catch up on her to be read list and another was perfectly content with sleeping in. I personally can say that I am looking forward to being able to have some time to myself and catch up on some much-needed sleep.

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