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At the University of South Carolina Upstate every team has created their own little family amongst their teammates and coaches. The bonds created within these teams are unbreakable and have demonstrated that they’re stronger together as one. The Upstate track and field family continues to grow and reach new levels. Part of their success has come from a dominating trio who are not just family by teammates but are in fact family biologically.

Natives of Rock Hill, SC, Amber, Brooke, and Channing Ferguson have been able to compete as Spartans and siblings. The Fergusons have had a close relationship all their lives that has given them advantages to capitalize on the field and support each other. Prior to coming to Upstate, Amber and Brooke had no intentions on pursuing an athletic career but wanted to attend the university to stay close and support their brother who received an athletic scholarship. After just joining the track and field team in January, the sisters are now able to compete because of their brother. “At the time, my coach was looking for new jumpers and asked the team if we knew anyone, and with my sisters’ performance in high school I knew they could get the job done,” Channing said.

Not only do the Fergusons compete together, but they’re unified in a lot of other extracurriculars and volunteering during their spare time. “If we don’t have a track meet on the weekend we make time to go home to do food drives, toy drives, and give out to the less fortunate at Global Ministries,” Amber said. Being very family oriented, the Fergusons believe that their strong relationship allows them to coach each other on and off the field and pushes them to succeed. “If we all had chosen different routes we would all still succeed, but not as much as we would have with us being together,” Brooke said.

Brooke and Channing were both able to reach their season best in high jump at the 2022 Charlotte 49er Classic, as well as Amber placing 7th in high jump. Brooke finished strong in 4th place at 1.63m and Channing finished in 1st place breaking records, with an astounding 2.12m jump. “After taking a two year break after high school and not doing anything athletically, we didn’t think we would do so well, but within two weeks I was able to break a school record and Brooke was able to place really high, it’s just like wow if we can do that, we can do anything,” Amber said.

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