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Top 10 Fashion Must Haves

It’s about that time! In just a few weeks, school will officially be back in session. And aside from adding a new set of courses to our roster, we have other priorities that come along with that like books, organizations, internships, and FASHION! That may not seem like a priority, especially with most of us being on a budget, but what you wear says a lot about who you are. And for our upperclassmen specifically, it’s something to make note of for presentations, internships, and interviews. Just because we’re on tight budgets while in pursuit of higher education, doesn’t mean that we have to look it. None of these items are over $30, and the potential value that they bring far exceeds that amount. Also, please note that these items above are usually available in a variety of stores, I just focused on the tangible brands I know of in the Spartanburg area. If you don’t mind the occasional hand-me-down, thrift stores such as Goodwill or Plato’s Closet has most, if not all the listed items in some form at severely low rates. If you’re thorough and patient when looking, you’ll be ready to start the year off in style with some coins to spare. Happy shopping!

1. White Button Down: Women (Target, $19.99), Men (Forever 21, $12.00)

This is one the most important staple pieces in any wardrobe because it can be paired with pretty much anything: slacks, jeans, shorts, skirts, you name it! Now ladies, this may seem a bit on the expensive side for a plain top, but quality is important. Look at this as an investment!

2. Black Slacks: Women (Kohl’s, $14.96), Men (Walmart, $21.97)

Like mentioned previously, slacks are also a prioritized piece to own. These tapered looks also add some modern flair. Pair it with a nice shirt, and some loafers or heels, and you’ve got yourself a professional look!

3. Black Loafers: Women (Rainbow, $12.99), Men (JC Penny’s, $23.99)

I know must of us love our sneakers and sandals, but we first must complete the professional look with some dress shoes! I can vouch for the Rainbow loafers personally, and let you know they exude both style and comfort.

4. Black Heels: Kohls, $12.74

Ladies, if you’re feeling extra fabulous and want to switch out your flats for some heels, this is a great place to start!

5. Plain Blue Jeans: Women (Old Navy, $10.00), Men (Rue21, $12.00)

Most of us have probably thought, “I’ve got this covered!”, but when it’s time to go in your closet to find a pair a jeans with no holes in them for a job or presentation, it’s amazing how quickly you’re humbled. Throw on a blazer, and you’ve got yourself a business casual fit!

6. Black Blazer: Women (Forever21, $28.00), Men (Walmart, $30.00)

Speaking of blazers, there’s just something about them that takes an outfit from simple professional wear to a power suit! Make sure to get one in our favorite staple color to set off your OOTD.

7. Black Purse: Forever21 ($10.43, $15.00, $24.99)

Ahh, the ever so elegant handbag! I know many of us have different styles, so I included a variety of examples to show how you can rock your purse with essentially any outfit.

8. Black Dress: Forever21 ($12.99, $25.00, $22.90)

Every girl needs a little black dress, so here you can see something casual for a hangout with friends, a chic and flirty example for date night or an organization event, and work attire that you can wear with bold accessories or a blazer!

9. Gold Accessories: Women (Forever21, $2.95), Men (K-mart, $19.99)

Who doesn’t love accessories?! They are often overlooked, but it’s time we acknowledge their role as the wardrobe underdogs for bringing a look together. Gold is one of my favorites because of the classic vibe it brings, especially with this layered necklace that’s very much in right now, or this men’s watch paired with our favorite color. Rings, bracelets, and earrings are something to make note of as well!

10. Colorful Accents: Men (Belk, $12.59), Women (Rainbow, $7.48)

And last, but certainly not least, we add color! Whether it’s a pink button down, a yellow blazer, or a blue pump, accent pieces are a must have in your wardrobe. I mainly focused on the neutrals in this list because of their style versatility, but color reflects a youthfulness that we should embrace!

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