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Upstate adds clarity to its brand

Updated: Aug 24, 2019


It’s as simple as a Coke and a Sprite.

Chancellor Brendan Kelly of USC Upstate presented his Marketing 101 presentation to all who would listen at the Campus Life Center Ballroom Friday (Feb. 22) to describe, the difference between the newly branded U of SC (University of South Carolina) and Upstate The University of South Carolina.

Coke, in its trademarked red and silver can, was on one screen. Sprite, in its blue/yellow/green can, was on another.

Simply, Kelly said, it’s the same family but different brand.

Kelly, on the occasion of Upstate’s Founders Day, brought clarity to Upstate’s brand and its mission going forward. An enhanced all green logo was presented with Upstate in caps and the underline reads University of South Carolina Upstate.

The branding message simply showing the soft drink cans to describe the relationship between the main campus and its regional was all Kelly’s idea despite the university hiring a marketing company to advance its marketing message.

Kelly didn’t say how much the branding would add additional marketing costs to Upstate. The rebrand was the result of the University of South Carolina launching its new U of SC on Jan. 10 to separate any marketing confusion with the university and USC – historically recognized throughout most of the country as University of Southern California.

Kelly made the Upstate presentation one night earlier at a Founder’s Day formal gathering at the Piedmont Club. The slide show left no doubt Upstate’s mission moving forward. A big green U with Upstate outlined with white letters across will be the logo.

UP remains the university’s catch phrase.

UPSTATE is all caps with University of South Carolina the new brand..

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