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A Message from SGA President

Greeting my fellow Spartans!

I welcome you with excitement after a long and restful summer. I do not doubt for second that your summer was filled with some exciting times with great experiences, in whatever you were doing, might it be taking summer classes, binge watching Netflix at home, doing community service or traveling the world. I think what the summer serves more than anything is a way to bring the mind at ease before the next semester ahead.

Let me also welcome some of the new freshman that are on campus, welcome to your home for the next 4 years of your life, and some of the best times of your life. I remember as a freshman, I was so overwhelmed with everything that college offered, but what got me to move forward was to join a organization, to have sense of community, I would encourage you do the same. Our campus is home to over 80 student organizations and different intramural sport teams. Everything from writing articles for the Carolinian to joining a Greek organization. Upstate has a diverse network of opportunities.

This university is 52 years old, we are young but still growing, and you are part of its growth. Whether you are freshman or a senior, whatever you put into this university, you get out. I encourage all of you to stay engaged and be active in campus life, I think that what’s makes a campus vibrant. I would also like to say be sure to know when to ask for help when you are struggling or stressed, whether it may be a friend, professor, or one of the counselors in counseling services on campus, help is here wherever you need it. We are also a family here and we take care of one and other. I think that what makes Upstate home for us. So, to quote the principle of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan “Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music”.

Welcome home, Spartans

Sharan Ravishankar

Student Body President

University of South Carolina Upstate

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