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Homecoming Tailgate is today

By: Jordan Worthy

It’s finally that time of year, Spartans! Homecoming has finally arrived!

Undisputedly the most exciting time of the school year, Homecoming is a time where the student body comes together to celebrate the school. It’s also a time where alumnus come back to campus to attend events like the tailgate, the basketball game, and other events that are happening on campus.

Kaylah Laval is a freshman here on campus said she could not wait for homecoming.

“I’m looking forward to all the school events and the outside school events. I’m looking forward to bonding and making new friends and just having a good first year homecoming,” she said.

The biggest homecoming event is undoubtedly the tailgate. It was said last year’s tailgate was named one of the biggest events in South Carolina in 2022. With students from other schools coming to celebrate with us, it was an event to remember.

This year’s tailgate will be on Saturday, February 24 in the Burroughs Parking Lot from 11am-3pm. The men’s basketball game will follow the tailgate, going against Gardner-Webb.

We at The Carolinian wish everyone a fun and safe homecoming!

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